A Father’s Love

  •  Bible
    • Old Testament: Read Jeremiah 31:7-14
      • I will lead them by streams of water, along smooth paths where they will never stumble. I will do this because I am Israel’s father; Ephraim is my firstborn son. (v9c -9d NET)
    • New Testament: Read Romans 8:15-17
      • For you did not receive a spirit of slavery leading again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption, by whom we cry, “Abba, Father.” (v15 NET)

In the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics, British athlete, Derek Anthony Redmond, was competing in the 400M semi-final when he tore his hamstring mid-race. Redmond got up, and continued the race limping.  His father raced out from the stands to help his son. One of the officials met his father on the race track and tried to hold him back, but could not. Nothing could stop him from getting to his son, putting his arm over his shoulder and holding his hand, helping him finish the race.  Closer to the finish, Redmond leans even more on his father, breaking down in tears as his dad makes sure his son crosses the finish line. The footage is so emotional that it is difficult not to watch it without tears welling up in your eyes.  Another official comes over trying to get Redmond’s father off the track before they reach the finish and he refuses to leave his son’s side.

God loves you with that kind of -leaping out of the stands, pushing past the officials, nothing can hold him back from getting to you and helping you finish the race- kind of love. When you are in deep agony and distress, there is nothing that can hold your Father back from getting to you and pushing you to be your best even when circumstances have changed.

Derek Anthony Redmond did not give up. He finished that race. He was first or second or third, but he did finish. And when he appears as if he is about to throw in the towel and be defeated, his father encourages him to take another step and another step and still another, all the way until the end.

There will surely be times in your athletic career when you feel like you want to give up. Maybe it is an unexpected injury or defeat or unavoidable outside circumstances that hold you back, but in those moments, remember you’re not alone. Derek Anthony Redmond did not cross the finish line at the Olympics the way he thought he would, on his own and near the top, but he leaned on the secure support of his father to get him there. You may not have the strength to get there on your own, but your heavenly Father wants to help you finish the race and God will break through all barriers to get to you and hold your hand on the way. Remember your identity exists not within you, but in your Father in heaven and through the work of the Son, Jesus Christ. When you cross the finish line, who goes with you?

[Note:  This post is an excerpt from a larger work.]
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