• Bible
    • Old Testament:  Read Lamentations 3: 22-24
      • The Lord’s loyal kindness never ceases; his compassions never end. They are fresh every morning;  (v22 – 23a, NET)
    • New Testament:  Read 2 Corinthians 5: 11-21
      • So then, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; what is old has passed away—look, what is new has come!  (v 17, NET)

The negative way of looking at our sinful nature (propensity to keep making mistakes) and our inability to ever achieve full perfection like Christ is to lament and become discouraged that we will never get there, so why try?  In the athletics, this would be realizing that, on any given day, there can always be someone stronger, faster, or more agile than you, so why try to be the best or why even try at all?  Yet, the positive truth of a life in Christ is that, though we will never be Christ, we are constantly offered newness in Christ and a fresh start each day, and we do get closer!  As athletes, we can be stronger, faster, and more agile the next day than we were the day before.

Most of us have our favorite workout routine.  Maybe you are a runner and all you do is run.  Maybe you always go to the gym and lift weights – starting with abs, to arms, to legs.  Or perhaps you bike or swim a certain mileage each week, but why not switch it up and do something new this week, because of the newness we experience in Christ?

I’m a runner, but my hip is hurt today so I went for a bike ride.  I haven’t been on a bike ride in three years since I did a triathlon.  In fact, I had to get my bike repaired (from the epic tire blow out from said triathlon – hopefully that story makes it in somewhere in this book) to even be able to ride it (and I got a huge lecture from the mechanic [this should tell you I’m not really a legit biker, since I just used that word] who fixed my injured bike on bicycle up-keep when I took it in].  And I do normally hate biking with a passion, but actually, it wasn’t that bad (perhaps I could substitute a more creative word for hate in the future).  Biking felt really NEW.  I noticed some new things on the path that I normally run on because of my fresh perspective.  I found out I bike about twice as fast as I run just naturally.  And apparently, bikers can be friendly too – who knew?

WORK IT OUT:  If taking on another sport or discipline is too daunting, simply try and new route, invite a different pal, or change the order around!  We have been offered a brand new day each and every day, and we disadvantage ourselves by always sticking to the routine!  Get out there and mix it up!

[Note:  This post is an excerpt from a larger work and was originally posted here:]
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