Clerk of Session

Sue Williams

Class of 2023

Tom Felder
John France
Jim Marshall
Peter Phelan

Class of 2024

Jan Bowman
Joy Jordan
Kathy Lundy
Kris Markley
Al Whale

Class of 2025

Carol Fischer
Bruce Fisher
Cindy Myroth
Derek Sherman
Rob Torbert

Westminster Governance



Robert Reafler

Class of 2023

John Conner
Mary Hutchins
Kathy Owens
Robert Reafler
Colleen Whale

Class of 2024

Greg Boeke
Roberta Edwards
Dan Johnson
Michelle Ponkratz
Martha Rolf
Steffane Thompson

Class of 2025

Mary Bawinkel
Cheryl Boeke
John Denny
Josiah Smith

Faith Formation

Faith Formation is responsible for adult ministries within the Westminster family including: education, small group ministries, and all-church fellowship.

Children and Youth Ministries

Children and Youth is responsible for all Children & Youth Ministries within the Westminster family.

Christian Life and Service

The vision of Evangelism and Hospitality is to create an inviting culture which reaches out and engages our community by praying for the lost, building authentic relationships with people while sharing about Jesus, and actively and positively inviting them to faith in Jesus Christ.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management is responsible for all maintenance and up-keep of the facility, equipment, and grounds, including the oversight of the Facility Usage Policy.

Finance and Strategic Planning

Finance and Strategic Planning is responsible for business affairs of Westminster including development of the budget, financial matters, and a stewardship effort. Coordinates long-term and short-term projects with other commissions as needed.

Human Resources

Human Resources is responsible for placement and oversight of those that lead the Westminster, both professional and lay.


Worship is responsible for all aspects relating to the central place of worship at Westminster.

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