The Mission Committee is actively evaluating where we are right now as a church, determining where there are gaps and establishing a direction for the future. Enclosed is an initial broad-based survey to collect feedback for use as we design more specific questions to help us evaluate our church, its mission and then formulate a strategic plan. Your impressions, ideas and suggestions give a snapshot of our church: where we are currently, areas for improvement and our potential.

A strategic plan is the formalized road map that describes where we want to be and how we are going to get there. With a clear destination established, we can then plan and execute the steps to get there. It provides the direction for our future actions.

It is our desire to inspire each and every one of the Westminster Presbyterian Church family to participate in the Mission Study process. We value your honesty in sharing with us and therefore, surveys will be kept confidential by the committee. The information will only be shared in a compiled data format pulling together responses from all surveys received.

By filling out demographic data, you will help us to consider the needs for ALL of the congregation.

Because our children are tomorrow’s leaders, we feel that their voice is important. If they are old enough to go through confirmation and become a church member, they have the privilege to share their opinion.

You may complete the survey online, or you may print out the survey and return it to the dropbox in the narthex.

The Mission Study Survey has concluded.

The Mission Study Committee

  • Jon Brondyke
  • Paul Blee
  • Paul Christiansen
  • Jenny Lucido
  • Mary Marshall
  • Lisa O’Connor
  • Anne Rice
  • Martha Rolf
  • Cheryl Smith